Ishigakijima Hotel cucule(Ishigaki-shi Okinawa-ken)
I introduce the Ishigakijima Hotel cucule today. There are 3 different types of hotels in Ishigakijima. In the first group are hotels with fully organised facilities, the second are hotels with less facilities, but where guests can enjoy their holidays, and the last category are business hotels. Depending on your visiting plan, you may select a suitable hotel. I stayed in a business hotel this time. Most business hotels in Isigakijima are mainly for sightseeing in this resort area. I introduce a business hotel, with a good balance of business and resort, such that it is comfortable to stay there.
This hotel is located close to the bus terminal in the centre of Isigakijima and very convenient. You can get there by a fixed-route bus or a rental car from Ishigakijima Airport, which takes about 30 to 50 minutes. There are few car parks, as this is not a resort hotel. The best way is taking a fixed-route bus and rent a car from Ishigakijima car-rental company. The hotel is located close to the bus terminal and the remote Terminal is also located within 3 minutes of walking distance. Some bars are also within walking range, such that guests can enjoy a resort atmosphere. The Hotel staff is very friendly and takes care of their guests very well such as giving advice for their trips. I recommend this hotel because of the well organised service.
I stayed in Premier Twin Room No.502 and in Twin Room No.509. The Premier Twin room No.502 is a twin room with 26.1 square meters, which is biggest room in this hotel. Other twin rooms have 17.4 to 26.1 square meters size. Some twin rooms have 19 to 22 square meters and the other twin rooms have 17.4 square meters. One Twin room and its bathroom are larger than the other twin rooms. You should select a twin room if you prefer a large room. The consumable sets in the premier room are supplied regularly. Views of the other Premier rooms are available in any of the twin rooms, so that you should check with the hotel staff in advance, if you wish to have a view on the bus terminal side. The Evaluation of this Hotel & Japanese Ryokan room at the bottom of this page are for Premier Twin Room No.502.
The door is simple and not heavy. The door can be locked with a key inserted to the keyhole. There is no partition in the room, such that it looks like furnitures are arranged in a spacious space. Therefore, the room looks larger than it is. A closet is on the right side. There are an electric hot water heating and some tea cups are provided on a chest next to the closet. A luggage stand, a writing desk and a TV are provided functionally next to the chest.
Beds are in front of the writing desk. The colour of the simply designed beds create the atmosphere of a southern country and is very comfortable. There is enough space around the sofa in this room. The sofa is comfortable to sit on for two people and also to eat something there. The colour of the sofa matches the whole room and gives you a good impression.
The normal western style bathroom with a toilet is relatively small, which is not ideal for taking a long bath, but good enough to take a shower. Most of the bathrooms in the other rooms are quite the same as this one, but some rooms in the hotel have a smaller bathroom. shampoo, hair conditioner and body soap in a dispenser are supplied in the Premier Twin Room. Other bath amenities for women and other shampoos are also supplied for guests and can also be taken home. Bath amenities are Pola products. Some bath herbs are also provided, such that guests can feel a little of luxury while taking a bath. The toilet has a washlet.
A bedside table between the twin beds is simple, but provides a global lamp and an alarm clock. The lamp is good for distributing some soft
light in the room, but not suitable for reading. I wished the hotel would provide a lamp with a spot light for each bed. All outlet devices and LAN ports are behind the TV. A multi plug is already provided there, which is very convenient for charging the battery of your PC or cell phone. This is an advantage of the business hotel. The arrangement on the writing desk are well organised, such as a desk lamp, a telephone and some space for PC. It is very functional and convenient to use. From the writing desk or from the bed, you can enjoy a broad view through the windows. The room is on the bus terminal side, such that there is no high building around. Therefore, the room has a great view. I recommend you to select a room with the view to make your stay comfortable.
I introduce the other room now, Twin room No 509 in the corner of the building. The Arrangement of furnitures are a little different from the Premier Twin room, but this room looks also large. I guess it is because the hotel arranged the furnitures in the room very well. The closet and the chest are the same as in the Premier Twin room, but two arm-chairs are provided along the wall, such that the room looks larger. A writing desk is at the end of the room. Indirect lightings there turn the room in soft light and give people a mild mood.
The twin beds are arranged in a somewhat small space in the room, but you don't feel tight as they are arranged well. A bath is next to the bed. The room is somewhat dark as the windows are not so large. If you stay daytime in the room, I recommend to select a room with large windows. If you don't care so much about the darkness, the Twin room is good enough. Consumables set in the Twin room are all in dispensers, such that guests can not take them home. Hangers in the closet may be bought from a useful item shop. Several hangers can be connected and you can hang several clothes. This is a great idea for using the small place as good as possible.
A refrigerator and some sweet for tea are same as in the Premier Room. Two bottles of mineral waters are supplied for free. Chinsuko(some traditional sweet in Okinawa) are supplied for guests as a sweet for tea. Chinsuko used to be dry and you felt like they took the water from your mouth once you ate them, but recently Chinsuko like in this hotel supply very delicious. Some tourist information, magazines and pamphlets are available at the lobby in front of the reception. Some local weather information is updated daily and it is very convenient to use this hotel to do sightseeing in Ishigakijima. In the back of the lobby is some space for guests to relax, where breakfast is also served in the morning. Soft drinks for free are offered to hotel guests after breakfasts.
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The best way to use the hotel is to travel in Ishigakijima or other remote islands from Ishigakijima. A downtown in the island is also close to the hotel and there are many local restaurants, which is very convenient for guests to have a dinner. A day ticket and bus tickets for a few days are available. If you stay for longer, I recommend you to rent a car from the renting car company in front of the hotel. Hotel guests can have a day trip to Taketomijima from the hotel without a heavy packing. Hotel staff is very open-hearted and friendly. You should not expect service like in high class hotels, but the hotel staff here tries to make your stay enjoyable, which gives a good impression. If you stay in the town, there are cheaper hotels, but I strongly recommend this hotel despite of the price. There is also a Japanese room in this hotel, which I did not introduce this time. The low double bed in the room can be suitable for couple guests. The rooms are relatively small, but the price is reasonable. There are two things I was not satisfied with: the bathroom is very small compared to the size of the room. The second is the checkout time at 10am just like in other business hotels.
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ホテル・旅館名 石垣島ホテルククル(沖縄県石垣市)
Hotel / Ryokan Ishigakijima Hotel cucule(Ishigaki-shi Okinawa-ken)
住所 〒907-0012 沖縄県石垣市美崎町8-1
Address Misaki-chou8-1, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa-ken, 907-0012
TEL 0980-82-3380
FAX 0980-83-4578
チェックイン:15:00 / チェックアウト:10:00
Check in / Check out check in : 15:00 / check out : 10:00
部屋の種類 今回のお部屋*502号室 プレミアツイン(26.1平米)、509号室 Aツイン(22平米)
Room's type This room*[Room No. 502]Premier Twin(281sf)、[Room No. 509]A Twin(237sf)
:other rooms
A Twin(206sf-237sf)
B Twin(184sf-206sf)
Japanese style Double(184sf)
Business Single
レストラン&バー ・ククルカフェ(朝食6:30-10:00[L.O.9:30], フリースペース飲み物無料10:00〜23:00)
・ゆらてぃく(居酒屋 11:00〜22:00[L.O.21:30])
Restaurant & Bar ・cucule cafe(Buffe Breakfast6:30-10:00[L.O.9:30]), FreeSpacetime10:00-23:00[Free drinks]
・Yurateiku(Japanese Bar IZAKAYA11:30-22:30[L.O.22:00])
ショッピング施設 ・なし
Shopping ・None
ホテル施設 ・フロント(6:30-24:00)
Institution ・Front desk(from 6:30 to 24:00)
・Wake-up call
・Internet booth
・Divers room
・Massage [Iyashidokoro cucule] (from 14:00 to 23:00)
・Washing room, microwave oven
・PC rental pay (1,000 yen/day)
・Free rental goods (LAN cable, battery charger, ice tongs, ice bucket, muddler, glass, can opener, electric mosquito catcher, nail clippers, sewing set, iron, board game, cards, beach towel, handbag, sheet, umbrella, bicycle)
部屋の設備 ・エアコン/天井ファン/テレビ/電話/デスクランプ/アラームクロック/電気湯沸しポット/煎茶/カップ/冷蔵庫/バスタブ(ユニットバス)/洗浄機能付きトイレ/ドライヤー/靴べら/消臭スプレー(服用)/懐中電灯(入口壁)/電圧100V
Equipment of rooms ・Air conditioner/TV/Telephone/Desk lamp/Alarm clock/Electric kettle pot/Green tea(Sen-cha)/Cups/Refrigerator/Buthtub(Unit bath)/Wash toilet/Dryer/Shoehorn/Deodorizing spray(cloth)/Flashlight(at wall of entrance)/Voltage 100V
部屋のアメニティ ・フェイスタオル/バスタオル/シャンプー・コンディショナー・ボディソープ・洗顔フォーム(備え付け)/シャンプー・コンディショナー・ボディソープ・ボディローション・バスハーブ・モイスチャーミルク・モイスチャーローション・洗顔料・クレンジング(プレミアツインルームのみ)/ボディスポンジ/歯ブラシセット/カミソリ/パジャマ(スリーパータイプ)/スリッパ(備え付け)/ボトルドウォーター2本(無料)/茶菓(無料)
Amenity ・Face Towels/Bath Towels/Shampoo,Conditioner,Body soap,Face soap/Shampoo,Conditioner,Body soap,Face soap,Body lotion,Bath herb,Moisture milk,Moisture lotion,Face soap,Liquid Cleasing(take out possibility Only Premier twin room)/Body sponge/Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Shaving Kit/Pajamas/Slippers(take out impossibility)/Free Bottled water(2 bottles)/Free Refreshment
ホテルサービス ・クレジットカード使用可
Services ・Credit cards accepted
ルームサービス なし
Room service None
インターネット LAN、WiFi(無料)
Internet LAN,WiFi(Free charge)
Evaluation of this Hotel & Japanese Ryokan room
部屋の価格/広さ/料理(price and room size, meal)
部屋のおこもり度(be in the room)

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